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Review: Marnik Drops Fiery New Video For “Burn ft. Rookies”

Marnik really knows how to light up the dance floor.

The progressive house music powerhouse, Marnik, has done it again with their newest project, a music video for their most recent release, “Burn ft. Rookies.”

For this track the Italian duo has decided to downplay their usual fast-paced, club-ready vibe in lieu of a slower, more downtempo sound.

“Burn” has an immediately captivating beat, backed by a fittingly intense melody. There’s a sense of power, but not in a violent way. While they may have chosen to tone it down for this song, it’s certainly not lacking in any of the fun that made them popular in the first place. This is a song about passion. Combining raw, desirous verses with the lyrical simplicity of the melody-driven chorus adds a certain movement to the song that’s reminiscent of the fire it describes.

The video is simple, with no over-the-top effects or any fluff. Instead, viewers are amazed by a series of fire dancers, each with their own craft perfected. The shots are crisp and beautifully frames, with the dusky sky as the perfect backdrop for the majestic subjects in the foreground. Intermittent wide shots establish more of the beautiful setting, giving the video a more immersive feel while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Only then do viewers realize that’s no desert they’re seeing, but rather what appears to be some volcanic fallout, further connecting the video to the song’s theme of fire.

All in all “Burn” by Marnik is a captivatingly fiery song that will have listeners coming back over and over again. It’s fun, raw nature conveys its purpose without being over the top about it, and in general it’s super fun to dance along to. Definitely a song worth checking out. It’s guaranteed to light up any party in no time flat.

Rating: 4/5

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