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WATCH: Five Finger Death Punch’s Gripping Cover Of The Offspring

New Music Video

The heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch take on The Offspring‘s 1997 pop-punk hit, “Gone Away,” in an emotional new music video about the casualties of war. The cover was one of two new tracks featured on their first compilation album, A Decade of Destruction. It also features the original new song, “Trouble,” which was released back in October.

In the music video, we follow the story of a soldier, who after convincing his friends to enlist in the army, gets sent into battle in the Middle East. The story turns to tragedy, when humvee transporting his group of friends rolls over an explosive device, causing their deaths. The man, stricken with grief, returns home a broken person having felt responsible for losing everyone he’s ever loved. Unable to adjust to civilian life, he re-enlists and is sent back into battle.

5FDP have also done a lot of work in support of veterans. They previously have made topics like post-traumatic stress and homelessness the center of their music videos and have helped to create a website dedicated to helping veterans.


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