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Watch: Trigram’s new video “Assimilate”

Assimilate with Trigram

Rock band Trigram ventures into the post-apocalyptic dreamscape with the new video for their song “Assimilate.”

In this new video for the song Assimilate, Trigram makes us ponder, what is our reality?

Opening up with the characters clad in scrubs all plugged into televisions and cell-phones, the main character is visualized like a slave on a chain-gang carrying large pails of water through a trash-riddled desert.

Each of the background characters in scrubs are all being controlled remotely by a dictator-like figure with eerily peeling pale green-gray skin that makes one’s skin crawl.

Singer/Songwriter behind Trigram, Rodney Warner, explained how “Assimilate” relates to society’s addiction to technology and social media.

“Assimilate” takes a metaphoric look at conformity in social media through the lens of a post-apocalyptic world where a supreme leader enslaves the population through electronic devices. I thought about how everyone is turning into the same person with the same point of view because of what is being force fed to us through social media.”

The visually stimulating story-telling of director Alex Frey coupled with the messaged conveyed through Trigram’s lyrics gives viewers a powerful reflection of today’s society. “Assimilate” is the first video from Trigram’s EP Trigram.

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