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Salute Spotlight: 7 Indie Artists You Should Know (12/27/2017)

The final Salute Spotlight of 2017

When it comes to independent artists it can be difficult for music-lovers to find the acts that resonate with them, especially when the vastness of the indie scene is taken into account. All too often amazing artists to go completely unnoticed by so many individuals who would absolutely love them. That’s why Salute Spotlight actively looks to publish a list of 7 acts amazing indie acts every week, to make things a little easier for everyone.

Covering every genre, from rap to rock and everything in between, Salute Spotlight will feature new indie artists every week for your listening pleasure.

jesCosmic Gate & JES

While Cosmic Gate and JES may technically be two separate acts, we simply had to include their latest collaboration, “Fall Into You” on this list.

Cosmic Gate is Germany’s most successful trance music duo, who also happen to be experienced producers. JES is an acclaimed singer/songwriter whose stunning vocals have amassed her quite a following of dedicated fans, and when these two superpowers come together to create, it’s absolute magic.

The song’s explosive energy makes it an instant favorite, with soul-shaking bass and JES’s beautiful delivery. Instantly uplifting and easy to move to, it’s no wonder “Fall Into You” is the power collaboration’s first hit track of 2017.

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pollard-row-promo-imagePollard Row

Pollard Row is an instrumental post-metal band based in Adelaide, Australia with great energy and a big sound.

The trio utilizes the power of their music to broaden the mind and explore the deepest, darkest parts of the human psyche, using nothing but the sound waves from their instruments to convey these feelings so perfectly.

Pollard Row’s debut self-titled EP was released in February 2017, and is well worth the listen. One never knows what to expect next with these guys, and that’s part of what makes their music so exciting.

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apex-zero-distant-relatives-part-3-beijing-by-duozzy-productionsApex Zer0

From the release of his debut solo album, Reality Provoking Liberation, back in 2013 to now, Apex Zer0 has been absolutely tearing up the UK hip hop scene.

With an impeccable flow and a knack for hard-hitting lyrics, it’s no wonder he’s got such a dedicated following. There’s a certain old school charm with a modern twist to his sound that makes it so addictive, and absolutely unforgettable.

With an ever-expanding reach, Apex Zer0 has now set his sights on the world, touring internationally and spreading the gift of his music to the corners of the globe. Definitely keep an eye out for future shows near you.

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regards-coupablesRegards Coupables

Anyone looking for something new and different to indulge in should check out Regards Coupables. This talented French musician is also an artist.  His minimalistic, bold line drawings “describe the emotional closeness and sexual intimacy between lovers, with the Woman at the its center.”

His music carries just as much passion as his art.

With carefully crafted melodies, entrancing beats, and beautiful lyrics (translations may be required), his electronic tunes will take you to another world.

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Elohin is a rapper & hip hop artist from Detroit, Michigan who carries a message with his music.

Once infatuated with the world of wealth, women, violence, and rap music, Elohin has made a complete transformation, using his art to bring attention to prevalent social issues and faith.

With smooth vocals and a way with writing hooks, Elohin hopes doesn’t just express himself through his music, but hopes it will encourage others to do the same.

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scene-writers-2017-smScene Writers

Scene Writers just dropped their newest single, a rework of “Real Life Baby” by  the Australian band Cookin’ on 3 Burners.

Originally a rock band, the Berlin based duo have revised their sound and found their calling within the realm of electronic music. With some of the catchiest beats under their belts, and tunes that will have you dancing into the night, it’s safe to say they’ve got a bright future ahead of them.

Scene Writers can be found setting fire to dance floors in Germany’s hottest clubs, or getting crowds hyped at music festivals all across Europe. Definitely worth the trip to go check them out live.

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British alt-pop trio, STITCH, is kicking it into high-hear in preparation for the release of their debut EP, set to drop in early 2018.

The first single to be released off the album is a dreamy song called “Not One To Say.” This lovely track features a hypnotic atmosphere and the most beautiful ambient vocals that sooth the soul.

“Not One To Say is a nostalgic self-reflection of the past. It deals with feeling lost, spaced out in a dream-like state, and trying to comprehend loss and your part to play in it,” says STITCH. “The song highlights how the repression of words and emotions, internalising rather than expressing your feelings to others can lead to a different, perhaps less clear path than you expected. It looks back with both a warm embrace of the good times, but also a wistful sense of longing for who you were before life began to change.”

If this is any indication what their EP will be like, then the music world is in for a treat.

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