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Derrick Rose Says Never Considered Retirement During Absence

It’s been a rough six years or so for Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose. After winning the 2011 NBA MVP award, he’s suffered a string of injuries that have all but derailed what appeared to be a superstar-caliber career. This year he took some time away from the team while dealing with ankle injures, and many speculated he was considering retirement. It turns out that he apparently wasn’t considering retirement:

“Be patient. I’m good. I’m just taking my time,” Rose told reporters. “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not depressed. I’m good. A lot of people think I’m depressed because of what I’m going through. It’s the total opposite. I learned from my mistakes three or four years ago when I put myself into a shell.”

He also claimed that he’s still in love with the game, but one quote has me, personally, questioning his true commitment to the game:

“I’ve had five surgeries, and I had an eye (socket) fracture. I’m too far in to just walk away.”

Maybe I’m misinterpreting his tone, but this just feels like a “might as well” with a shrug of the shoulders, rather than a declaration of commitment. Regardless, we haven’t seen the last of Derrick Rose. He’ll likely never be as explosive as he was a few years ago, but time will tell if he can continue to contribute consistently.

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