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Mariah Carey Wants Christmas To Last Till July 4th

The “Queen Of Christmas” Is Not Ready To Say Goodbye.

It’s no shocker that Mariah Carey, the proclaimed “Queen of Christmas,” says the holiday should keep going until July.

People have been singing along to her catchy 90’s hit,  “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” for years, making it a holiday staple that we just can’t seem to avoid whenever the season approaches. With the song’s ever-growing popularity, Carey also decided why not write an illustrated children’s book with the same title? And, in 2015, she did.

There are two kinds of people when it comes to Christmas—ones who can’t wait to whip out the Christmas decorations before Halloween even ends, and ones who patiently wait for the appropriate time. Carey, obviously, falls into the first category, which is just another reason she’s so often associated with Christmastime.

The reason for Carey’s recent Twitter comments come in response to radio personality, Ryan Seacrest, who tweeted about taking down his holiday decorations. For some, tearing down Christmas decorations and packing away our tree for another year can be upsetting, even though the array of colored lights and ornaments making our trees especially unique, generally fills us with magical feelings of pure happiness. We still have to make that difficult decision of stripping everything down, as reality once again sets in.

Seacrest asked followers, “when is it appropriate to take down your Christmas tree and decorations? Asking for a friend.” And without hesitation, the first to respond was, of course, Carey confidently replying, “Dahhling! Not till July 4th!” which led many of her followers to tweet back in agreement.

While it seems as though the Holiday spirit will live on until July 4th in Carey’s household, the question remains if any of her fans agreeing will do the same. I’m certain we will find out in time, but for right now we can look forward to seeing more of Carey during the New Year’s Rockin Eve Special, where she looks to redeem herself after last year’s mishap and will most likely be singing her heart out to another Christmas tune. Which wouldn’t be astounding to say the least.


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