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Paul McCartney Tickets for Homeless Given to Salvation Army Head’s Daughter

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In recent years the charitable organization, The Salvation Army, has come under fire for a great many things, most notably in the LGBT department in America. According to a report from NME recently they have brought further negative scrutiny upon themselves in their Australian branch too. Tickets to a Paul McCartney show in Australia, which had been donated by local Beatles-fanatic Chris McDonald for homeless people, were instead, given to Ash Nottle, the daughter of Australian Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle.

Seven tickets were set aside by McDonald for the show at AAMI Park in Melbourne on December 5th. Two of the ticketholders, however, were unable to show up, and thus the tickets were returned. According to Nottle, the tickets were then given to Ash via a last-minute decision by another Salvation Army officer. The decision, he said, had nothing to do with him.

When his daughter accepted the tickets, she did so under the pretense that she and her partner would be “looking out for” all five of the homeless people who were actually able to go to the show. According to Nottle, McDonald will now be completely reimbursed for the entire set of concert tickets that were donated.

He feels in retrospect that concert tickets were an inappropriate donation, saying: “when you’re working with homeless people, to be blunt, do homeless people need tickets to Paul McCartney or do they need a roof over their head? Do they need assistance with mental health issues or trauma or do they need food in their belly? I think the answer’s pretty obvious. We are not Ticketmaster, we are not concert promoters, we don’t do that stuff and we get it wrong sometimes, you know.”

Following the backlash from the incident, Nottle has stated that the organization would “absolutely learn from this.”

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