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Review: Bloom Twins get evocative in “Talk To Me” video


The Bloom Twins are starting a very important conversation.

Born in the Ukraine, Sonia and Anna Kuprienko are identical twins whose combined musical prowess packs some serious power. The classically trained sisters have been releasing a steady stream of songs over the past four years, discovering their own unique style and refining their sound. As a musical entity they go by the name Bloom Twins, a fitting title given their knack for creating lush soundscapes and vivid lyrics.

The duo’s latest project, a music video for their single, “Talk To Me,” is both beautiful and impactful given the gravity of its message and where it gets its inspiration from.

Written after the two sisters lost their friend to anorexia nervosa and depression, “Talk To Me” focuses on mental health and the importance of having a solid support network.

“Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK and less than 30% of mental health research is focused on young people, despite 75% of mental illness starting before the age of 18,” explains the Bloom Twins. “More than half of young people link mental illness with alienation and isolation. Why are we so scared to talk about it? When and why did this become taboo? It’s ok not to be ok. Music holds a special place for many, listening to our favorite songs provides an escape and allows us to make sense of feelings that often aren’t articulated in daily conversations. Music has a power to change the conversation on mental health.”

Bloom Twins have taken the opportunity to use their art to make a difference, teaming up with mental health charities SANE, Samaritans, and Crisis Text Line, and starting their own self-made social media campaign encouraging anyone who has ever been afflicted with mental illness to use the hashtag #TalkToMe in solidarity. The campaign also encourages participants to be more open with their own experiences in order to foster a greater sense of community.

The song itself is lyrically driven and packed with emotion. The message is clear as day, and hits deep. There’s a sense of power and determination behind the vocals that just makes sense knowing the song’s backstory and what it stands for. The catchy melody is so full of life, giving the song an uplifting vibe rather than a heavy, somber one. “Talk To Me” is clearly meant to inspire.

The complex imagery, fast-paced scene transitions, and slightly disorienting nature of the music video parallels the internal workings of one struggling with mental illness. The lines between reality and imagination are blurred, and there’s always a sense that time is running out. The urgency is real, and Bloom Twins convey it masterfully here.

On its own the song is wonderful, and the video just adds to the power it holds. Combine the song, the video, and the cause, and it’s becomes apparent that these talented, young sisters have made something truly great.

Rating: 5/5


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