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Judgment Day has come for the Royal family as the Progenitors are here

Al Ewing announces his upcoming comic book INHUMANS: JUDGMENT DAY.

Marvel Comics brings the Inhumans to their greatest battle yet in the upcoming one shot comic book by writer Al Ewing in INHUMANS: JUDGMENT DAY. The Royal family of Attilan shall come together against the Progenitors in this massive conclusion. The final conflict will take place on Earth but will not only effect the planet but also the entire Marvel Universe.

The title releases next year on January 24, 2018. Al Ewing goes in depth about the course of the characters and how they will face the ultimate challenge.

Al is known for his multiple titles to emerge from Marvel Comics each one focusing on different types of heroes and areas of the universe. His accomplished works range from U.S. Avengers, Rocket, The Ultimates, New Avengers, and Royals featuring the Inhumans.

Kevin Libranda and Javier Rodriguez will accompany Al to be his artistic talent in crafting the final chapter of the storyline. Together these two artists uses immense amounts of color and very simple but complex line work. The lines are thin but used sparingly not to overcrowd the panel but bring out a unique visual.

Each artist has worked on titles before Kevin career led him to Royals and Uncanny Avengers. Javier has worked on titles including Spider-Woman, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Al tells Marvel his perspective with the storyline and what the Inhumans fate may lead to in the future.

“ROYALS was probably the most freewheeling book I’ve done. There was a lot of going on behind the scenes, and JUDGEMENT DAY probably wouldn’t have existed had things gone as originally planned. But the essential outline of things hasn’t changed so much; we’ve gone out into the furthest reaches of Marvel space, we’ve reinvigorated the Kree, looked in on the Universal Inhumans, added a whole new alien species to the Marvel cosmos, and we told our parallel story of a quest through a destroyed future world.”

I believe this story will be a great point for the history of the Inhumans. Al Ewing promises to deliver a conclusion that will be iconic, dynamic, and beautiful for the Royal family in this one shot title. The comic book community will talk about the Royals storyline and what it has done for the royal family.

Al continues to tell Marvel the stakes and the status of the team as they return from deep space to Earth in the final chapter of the storyline.

“They’re beaten, battered, and coming to terms with the changes in them. Some of them-like Maximus and Flint -have expanded powers and perceptions. Some are dealing with the aftermath of terrible injuries; Marvel Boy, in particular, is healed up on the outside to an extent, thanks to those super-survivor genes of his, but maybe not so much on the inside. He’s someone I’d be interested in doing more with at some point, if the time comes. And nobody’s really had any time to mourn or take stock, they’re on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop and the Progenitors to come to Earth for the final battle. So it’s a tense time.”

Witness the final moments of the Royals storyline as Al Ewing writes the colossal conclusion to release January 24th, 2018. The final battle begins between the Inhumans and the Progenitors are about to begin.

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