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Ringing In 2018 On A High Note With New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Highlights of 2017 Final Moments

All across the globe, eyes were witnessing the events unfold leading into 2018. Traditionally, whether you’re actually standing in bone-chilling temps to see the ball drop live from Times Square or watching from the comfort of your own home, the anticipation lingers till the final countdown. However, most people who will brave the cold and endure the long-lines aren’t just waiting to see for the ball drop, but the entertainment and spectacle of it all.

The most talked about performance was the one and only Christmas diva, Mariah Carey. After last year’s misfortune at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show fans were hoping that Carey would return with a strong redemption. Most would agree, she did at least in comparison to last year. As she took over the stage, Carey brought all the glitz and glam to the scene wearing a nude crystallized gown, a white fur coat to close out 2017, with one of the most memorable performances of the night. This time around, there were no major “crash and burn” moments for Carey. The display was kept simple, with the spotlight kept mostly on Carey but her inner diva did not shy away by any means. The singer started a duo performance of some of her classic ’90s hits that had everybody singing along, with the first being “Vision of Love,” which was her very first single. Although, a bit choppy and pitchy fans were alright with it considering it was -7 degrees with “no hot tea” as Ms. Carey puts it.

“Oh, it’s a disaster, okay well we’re just going to rough it. I’m going to be just like everyone else with no hot tea,” Carey said. “We’re going to try to do this one for you, because I just want to show my appreciation to everyone that speaks out for justice and tries to make the world a better place, a more united planet. You’re the true heroes.” She then continued to belt out such favorites as, “Hero” which blew the crowd away. Overall, it was quite an improvement despite some minor flaws. It was enough to convince fans that Carey never lost her spark to begin with.

Another favorite of the night was Nick Jonas, who everyone remembers as the young teen heart-throb alongside his siblings during the Jonas Brothers frenzy. The crowd, needless to say, were hyped to see his face again in Times Square considering the last time he performed on a New Year’s Eve special was in 2009. Owning the stage with a mélange of some of his top hits throughout the years, being “Close” and “Jealous” he also sang  “Home” which earned him his first Golden Globe nomination in the animated film Ferdinand earlier in 2017. It’s clear 2017 was a well deserved year for Jonas, especially when he shocked fans by casting a role as Alex in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which premiered last month.

“I spent a lot of time in Times Square doing Broadway shows as a kid — so it was a really special moment to be able to perform and ring in the new year,” Jonas said in an interview with Billboard.   The 25-year-old singer also makes it clear that his success is still booming, and we will be seeing a lot more of him now that it’s 2018. “There’s some real opportunity and momentum on the acting side of things, and I’d love to ride that out and see where that goes. But also, music is a first love and will always be there.”

New York wasn’t the only state everyone was tuned into, the star-studded musical performances also took place in New Orleans and in Los Angeles. Several other performances were seen on the Rockin’ New year’s Eve special which hosted its formal Central Time Zone party for its second year ever.  Including Dave Chappelle’s streaming of Equanimity & The Bird Revelation on Netflix. The stream had viewers fidgety, as Chappelle spoke out about a variety of sensitive topics which includes current political climate to cover the president, class divisions, racial tensions, etc. “Comedians are modern-day philosophers. More sense comes out of comedians than any politician right now,” remarked one fan on social media. Chappelle made some good points and was hilarious as always. Most fans gave him a big applause for providing two NYE specials that were worth the wait since the trailer was released. 

Looking back on the recap in NYC,  another unforgettable occasion was when former Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello performed her newest hit “Havana” featuring rapper, Young Thug which was released in August as a promotional single to her upcoming debut  Camila which we will experience now that 2018 has arrived. The sultry, latina pop-star stole the stage with her moves despite the frigid wind chills going out with a final bang on a high note. “My solution to singing Havana in negative 4-degree weather is ALL OF THE AD LIBS.”  she tweeted. “Happy 2018!!!” Cabello, confirmed recently that her album release date comes out in 11 more days.

All-embracing it was a good night that captured each performer in a graceful way, despite the weather. Each performer was able to hold their composure to deliver a spectacular production without showing the slightest hints that they were freezing on stage. Here’s to 2018 and all the splendid experiences we have yet to see.




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