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Declan Shalvey talks fusing Deadpool together with Wolverine

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Deadpool and Wolverine are two of Marvel’s most endearing characters.

The pair is currently spending time together in the series Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan.

deadpoololdmanlogan4As issue number four rolls around, a very interesting development has taken place.

Writer Declan Shalvey and artist Mike Henderson have combined the pair into the character Poolverine to proverbially save the day.

In a Q&A provided by Marvel, allowed Shalvey the opportunity to share his thoughts on this rare occurrence.

“We start off the issue in desperation,” Shalvey said. “While trying to rescue a young mutant girl from a shadowy organization called GenForm, Deadpool and Old Man Logan have been captured. GenForm wants to weaponize the abilities of mutants, and while their target all along has been this new mutant, Maddie, they now find themselves with the fabled Weapon X—the original test subject. Admittedly, he is…a little ripe.

When asked about the origin of the fusion, Shalvey continued to break it down. “Poolverine is a little nickname for Deadpool’s current state at the beginning of issue #4…if you’ve read issue #3, then you know that Deadpool has escaped from his cell in a very unconventional way,” Shalvey said.

“Maddie has used her teleportation powers out of desperation. She’s always been adamant that she cannot teleport people, so Deadpool suggests she tries teleporting Adamantium. Then Wade uses Old Man Logan’s own claws to come to the rescue.”

He didn’t forget to make not of the fact that the pair don’t get along.

“What I like about Deadpool and Old Man Logan is that even when they team-up, they fight,” Shalvey stated.

“They’re the perfect match for a book like this; both their personalities force them to bump heads constantly. And, because of their abilities, they’re able to literally rip into each other and still walk away. It’s the perfect odd-couple or buddy cop scenario, but with a lot more severed limbs.”

Check out Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #4 on January 17.

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