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Bruno Mars and Cardi B Go Way Back In ‘Finesse’ Remix

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R&B/soul singer Bruno Mars teamed up with pervasive hip-hop artist Cardi B for the first time ever. The duo throws us into a vortex of ’90s nostalgia with this evocative remix video of Mars’ song “Finesse.”

The pair released the remix video Wednesday evening, 30 minutes earlier than expected. Though the song itself launched in Mars’2016 album, 24K Magic. Hours before, Mars bantered with fans on Instagram by posting a photo of the two dressed in colorful ’90s style attire. The snapshot posted dropped obvious hints of a major throwback giving off a Fresh Prince of Bel Air-like vibe. However, it soon becomes clear that the video is particularly paying homage to the Wayans brothers’ sketch comedy show In Living Color. The teaseful whiff sucked fans in right away, frantic to foresee the groovy collision unfold.

“This video is dedicated to one of my favorite TV shows of all time,” Mars said in a tweet. “Shout out to the people over at Fox Studios and a very special thank you @keeneniwayans.”

Diving into the music video, hip-hop “prima donna” Cardi steals the spotlight at first glance. Sporting a lime green backward snap-back, a multi-colored bomber jacket, and swaying a paintbrush in hand, Cardi drops her rap portion of the skit right before Mars steps into the scene. In similar style, Mars serenaded the second verse of the song dancing across what looks like a discotheque stage. In gold chains and an over-sized striped shirt, Mars brings out the retro-essence throughout each clip.

Erupting in the realm of ’90s recollection, the two singers swoon to the beat of the jazzy drumming. Beside them, backup dancers follow the same choreography, also dressed up for the part. The colorful spotlights seen through the video display, create the aesthetic that sucks the audience into another time period, which added with the visuals and spray can color splotches, constructs a recipe captivating enough to run through people’s minds.

Combining the funky, soulful sounds of Mars’ voice with Cardi’s presence tops 2018 in an unexpected, yet thrilling way. Feeding into each-others energy, these two powerhouses are rolling in the new year in another era leaving fans thirsting for more.


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