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Lessons from Love & Hip Hop Miami: Keep La Familia Out of Your Career

Love & Hip Hop Miami premiered recently and the cast is completely different from what we’ve seen in past installments of the franchise. The show features notable artists like Trick Daddy, Trina, Gunplay, and the members of Pretty Ricky. However, there are also some newbies who showed up and showed out.

Amara La Negra @amaralanegraaln

Amara La Negra @amaralanegraaln

Latina artist Amara La Negra made quite the impression after she brought her mother on a business outing with celebrity producer Young Hollywood. Though Hollywood was able to handle the impromptu threesome, he still found the tag-along-mom to be unprofessional on Amara’s part.

Bringing your la Familia to a business meeting is definitely a no-no unless they work for you. Even then, artists can lose respect points for having a parent as a manager. According to Amara, her mother goes where she goes and it’s “a take it or leave it” type of deal. Young Hollywood was able to take Amara’s mother, but he what he couldn’t take was her Afro-Latina heritage.

While we’re on the subject of family causing problems in the music business, rapper Trina found her self in a tough position with her cousin Bobby Lytes. Bobby is an openly gay rapper who thinks being related to Trina entitles him to fame and respect. He’s persistent about having his cousin help him out with his music. However, what bothers him most is the fact that crew doesn’t like him coming around.

To sum of Bobby’ personality, he’s a bit of a “team too much” type of person. Often times getting into verbal and physical altercations with Trina’s staff. He’s expressed that they should respect him as her family and has no plans on obeying Trina’s rules of conduct when out in public.

This is a classic case of why people should keep their family out of their business. Everyone has those family members that don’t know how to conduct themselves in public or regular business situations. It’s even worse for people in the entertainment business.

When normal people go to work their usually in an environment where their family can’t easily access them at all times. Even people who work at McDonald’s don’t have to deal with family members hanging out at their job for hours at a time. However, entertainers have to deal with their family wanting to be at their performances, private parties, and other functions.

If you’re a rapper you might have that cousin that always expect to get in the club or concert for free. They think that they should always have the best seats and might even demand to be everywhere you are. These fools may even run up tabs that they think you should pay for.

Word of advice to Amara and Trina, keep your family out of your business and handle it on your own. If they’re not working to grow the business than they don’t need to be near it. Amara needs to keep her mother at home for her meetings and Trina has to put her cousin in his play or cut him off. Especially, being that she’s an established artist who built herself up and owes nothing to no one except for Trick Daddy who helped to provide her start in the industry.

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