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Detroit Rapper “Red Pill” Officially Changes Name Back

Not In The Matrix Anymore

Detroit rapper Chris Orrick is tired of living in “The Matrix” and is ready to take aim at the Trump-era ambition built on lies and self-aggrandizement. That is why he recently announced that he is officially retiring the moniker “Red Pill,” as a much-needed reminder that while your 401K may be prosperous, it doesn’t mean your vapid soul is any less empty.

According to a statement from the blue-collar emcee, he has decided to officially revoke his alter-ego in an attempt to distance himself from internet trolls and outspoken political activists.

“Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a growing movement on the internet called “The Red Pill” that continues to gain momentum,” Orrick said. “They spew hate and ignorance, in a totally misconstrued interpretation of the famous scene in the movie “The Matrix” that we both draw inspiration from. I tried to ignore it, but given my own values and principles and especially given the current political and social climate that we live in, I couldn’t live with myself being associated with their bullshit. From now on I’m going by my real name. You can call me Chris.”

The 30-year-old Mello Music Group signed musician received rave reviews from critics with his 2015 studio album, Look What This World Did To Us, which he said was greatly influenced by the work of acclaimed author Charles Bukowski.

Chris Orrick, using his real identity for the first time, is back with a brand new single, “Your Ambition” featuring P.O.S. of the hip-hop collective Doomtree, and produced by Ill Poetic. The music video is directed by Kris Mercado (who has previously worked with De La Soul, Joey Bada$$, Open Mike Eagle and many others) as a labor of love which combines incredible makeup artistry, editing, and animation along with live-action video through New York City.


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