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Judas Priest drop single “Lightning Strike”

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The bringers of British steel, Judas Priest have been pretty busy preparing for the release of their upcoming album Firepower.

In order to get the fans even more revved up and running wild they have debuted the first single from the new album “Lightning Strike.”

“Lightning Strike” according to singer Rob Halford is a song that has a specific direction, but can be left up to interpretation in many ways. In a “Lyric Dissector” video exclusive to Revolver, Halford gives a broad overview, saying:

“To me the overall concept of this song is to use the element of a lightning strike to pull away and tear apart at an individual, at a body of people, or an organization. Maybe an administration that is kind of leading you or leading us into potentially a destructive place. You’re kind of spinning that around. You have the right to react and do something about it. So that in essence is what this song is all about”

“Lightning Strike” brings that driving late 70’s Hellbent for Leather and Stained Class kind of vibe, but with the heavy impact punch of modern production and lyrics that are more relevant to what is going on in the world right now.

This is Judas Priest going back to basics. There are no frills. No unnecessary flare. Just one of the godfathers of heavy metal doing what they do best while surprisingly not sounding too much like a copy and paste of the past.

Judas Priest sounds like they are really on fire here, as if they are still in their prime. New guitarist Richie Faulkner seems to have revitalized the band and brought back their youthful edge. This especially shows in Halford’s vocal performance. It sounds like he hasn’t aged a bit.

Firepower is due March 9 via Epic Records.

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