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Nicki Minaj and Nas cut ties on good terms

Rapper Nicki Minaj  and her beau, hip-hop artist Nas have become the highlight of contentious rumors. Supposedly, the pair plummeted their relationship and diverged paths.

Back in June of last year, the two started their high-profile relationship innocent when they were caught “canoodling” in the public eye. Both being Queens natives and rappers, they appeared to be a strong relationship from the beginning.

However, Minaj and Nas share another thing in common that waved a red flag to fans.

The duo also has a bad track record of past relationships that resulted in failure. As fans predicted, the couple recently called it quits.

According to TMZ the couple lost their “steam” but ultimately agreed that the relationship was to complicated to mend.”Both superstars will be getting back to strictly biz, we’re told — Nas focusing on his record label and his chicken and waffles joint, Sweet Chick. Nicki’s also juggling multiple business ventures outside of music.” said the TMZ report.”We’re told they respect each other, and there won’t be any trash talking — but, on the other hand, we’re also told they won’t be hanging out as friends either.”

The main cause of the collateral damage comes from the fact that they come from two divided worlds. Nicki resides in Miami, while Nas been staying busy in Los Angeles. This built up a foundation where no good ending was possible. Not seeming the slightest upset over the ordeal, the two left on good terms.

As for all the rumors that been spreading around the pair, they all been confirmed to be false statements. Minaj has never been pregnant, and Nas never had any intention of dropping the marriage bomb on her. With such a brief relationship, things took a turn for the best. Each artist, is staying busy to produce new content this year. Despite no longer collaborating together, both superstars are ambitious to ensure this won’t be the last time we hear about them in 2018.

Fans Reactions On The Split:

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