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REVIEW: CupcakKe Finds Balance With ‘Ephorize’

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CupcakKe proves she is more than just an internet celebrity with her third self-released studio album, Ephorize.

ephorizeThe 20-year-old Chicago rapper, Elizabeth Eden Harris, became a viral sensation with her controversial NSFW music videos “Deepthroat” and “Vagina,” which would help her build a prosperous fanbase—whom she has affectionately dubbed “slurpers”—around her raunchy and often comedic lyrics.

It goes without saying that her music is not for everyone. However, her third studio album is superior, in that it drops the whole raunchy, hypersexual routine for a more inspired, radio-friendly sound.

CupcakKe was raised by a single mother and spent nearly four years of her life in homeless shelters, before discovering her passion for music and poetry. And while it may be hard to believe that someone who gained notoriety by rolling around half-naked, actually got her start by performing for her local church parish, her music almost always has an ulterior motive to draw attention to society’s taboos.

For her latest album, it seems as though Ephorize strikes a balance between her outspokenness on matters of sexuality, relationships, social media, body image, and LGBT rights, with a more pop-heavy sound that gives the album the type of mainstream appeal it has been looking for.

The album opens with “2 Minutes,” a kind of somber track all about getting shit done, before winding things back down with her latest single, “Cartoons,” a goofy drill track littered with references to such classic cartoons as from Bugs Bunny to Johnny Bravo.

Lyrically, the lead single, “Exit” reads kind of like a Taylor Swift track, but with a little more conviction and emotion, on this pop-infused hip-hop beat. The one exception to CupcakKe’s newfound balance is the song “Spoiled Milk Titties” which features some overt references to fellatio and other sexual activities.

Ephorize comes to a close with the Latin-infused track, “Fullest,” a true testament to the young rapper’s lyrical abilities.

RATING: 4 / 5


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