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Review: Tessa Joy’s Beautiful New Single, “Better Than You”

Tessa Joy takes a stand for love in her newest single, “Better Than You.”

tessajoyWith an impressive blend of power and elegance, singer/songwriter Tessa Joy is taking names and stealing hearts with the release of her newest single, “Better Than You.”

A precursor to her upcoming EP, “Better Than You” gives but a small taste of what this rising artist has to offer, and it promises great things.

The title of the track leaves a bit to the imagination, having listeners wonder exactly what the message will be, and who exactly is better than whom. That question is quickly answered as it is revealed that this is not a vanity project, but a power anthem for anyone dealing with the residual effects of a less than satisfying romance.

Stylistically “Better Than You” isn’t overtly happy and sunny like many power anthems are. Instead, this track features a seductive edge and a mellow rhythm that compliments Joy’s warm vocals perfectly. There’s a sense of reassurance and confidence lacing this addictive tune. There’s no need to try so hard for someone who doesn’t put in the effort, and this song makes that very clear. Through this track Joy urges her listeners to not settle or chase unworthy subjects, but rather keep their chins high with the knowledge that someone way better is in their future.

“Better Than You” is subtle in its approach, not forcing a false sense of cheeriness onto what is honestly a rather difficult topic, and that makes it all the more real. This song is raw and honest, and a true example of Joy’s talent as both a creator and a performer. It’ll be interesting to see what direction she chooses to take her career, but if this gem is any indicator, then Tessa Joy is a name everyone should be keeping a close eye (and ear) on.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: “Better Than You” by Tessa Joy

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