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Browns Fans Celebrate 0-16 Season With Parade In Cleveland

What’s a Browns fan to do? Apparently, throw a parade. After watching their team slip and stumble through the mud to complete a perfectly imperfect season, Browns fans assembled in brutal temperatures to commemorate their misery.

Parade organizer Chris McNeil began raising money for a similar parade last season, but donated the funds to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank after the Browns spoiled the fun and won a single game.

“(Browns onwer) Jimmy Haslam doesn’t know how good he has it with this town,” McNeil said regarding the response to and attendance of the parade. “People pour not only their money into this team, but their emotions. … It just shows the heart of the fans and the commitment to this team they have win or lose.”

The parade was a celebration for many and a protest for others, who used it as an opportunity to take shots at coach Hue Jackson and owner Jimmy Haslam. Many people camped out and tailgated, despite the sub-zero temperatures.

The Browns have affirmed their commitment to Hue Jackson and to improving the franchise. Hue Jackson has promised fans he will jump into Lake Erie after the dismal season. He has not yet done so, but plans to make good on his promise.

Cleveland will be compensated for its humiliation with the #1 overall pick. Some boards project Penn State running back Saquon Barkley going first overall, others show USC quarterback Sam Darnold going to the Browns. The NFL draft is much less of a sure bet than other league drafts, but the Browns certainly have options to improve their situation and win more than a game next season.

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