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NFL teams and their musical doppelgangers

Everyone has a twin

As the NFL playoffs are set to roll out, Salute takes a look at each NFL team and the musical artists that best represents their style, character and heart.

Assistant Sports Editor Connor Wilson took the AFC while Editor-In-Chief Adrian Gregory Glover broke down the NFC.

Let’s go.

NFC South


Carolina Panthers-Nickelback

Nickelback is a bland rock band that flirts with arena-sized popularity from time-to-time.  Their songs are beyond generic and their singer/leader Chad Kroeger is one of the most disparaged men in their genre.

Enter the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. Outside of their own territory, it’s hard to find very many if any Panthers fans.

When Newton’s name is brought up it elicits the same negative reaction that Kroeger’s does.

Newton’s pouting, questionable press conference etiquette and cockiness is not exactly endearing.

And just like Nickelback, the Panthers offense is easy to read and focuses on one person as a option.

Atlanta Falcons-Lil Jon

Both the Falcons and super-producer Lil Jon are from the south and have made fans scream ‘yeaaaah!’  Both have also been simply ‘okaaay’ at times also.

Though the Falcons are the only team from the 2016-17 NFC post season tournament to make a repeat appearance in 2017-18, their offense has not lived up to its potential.

Blame the man calling the plays in offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian or wideouts that are leaving dropped balls on the turf.

Lil Jon has created a new life for himself in the EDM fold.

His lower profile is what it is but his trunk-rattling beats would be a welcome addition to the trap scene that revolves around 808 drums.

The bottom-line is that both the Falcons and Lil Jon have the ability to make another hit whenever they feel like it.

New Orleans Saints-Cash Money Records

Cash Money Records was founded in New Orleans but its founder Brian “Baby/Birdman” Williams has shifted a lot of the label’s operations to Miami.

They say home is where the heart is and like the Saints, Baby is known to be a grimy executive that refuses to pay both his artists and producers.

After Bountygate, it became impossible to ignore the shadiness of the Saints organization.

Head coach Sean Peyton recently displayed his lack of class when the Falcons defeated the Saints on Thursday Night Football.

Factor in the various antics of GM Mickey Loomis and others and it’s easy to see why the Big Easy is a bit greasy.

Its hard to but respect on those names.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-The 1975

British synth-pop wunderkinds The 1975 has consistently been propped up as the next band to take over North America.

While they have had some measures of success, they have yet to experience the stadium-sized breakthrough that many pundits predicted.

After flirting with success in 2016-17, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came into the current season with post-season dreams.

A young and talented roster was bolstered by the addition of speedster DeSean Jackson and rookie sensation OJ Howard.

But for some reason the Bucs couldn’t pull it together and the Bucs fell short of living up to the hype.

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