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NFL teams and their musical doppelgangers

Everyone has a twin

NFC East


Dallas Cowboys–Nas

The Cowboys have wasted more talent than many championship teams have ever acquired. Off-the-field issues, chemistry miscues, disorganization, general drama and a sense of entitlement are just a few reasons as to why the boys in blue haven’t gotten it done in decades.

Nas is a hip-hop great yet unlike Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Outkast and a couple of others he hasn’t put together a classic collection of songs that match his verbal acumen.

Is it that he doesn’t pick good beats or that he doesn’t nail that catchy hook? Is it both?

Either way, both Nas and the Cowboys are often defeated only by themselves.

New York Giants-Guns N Roses

The New York Giants imploded to a degree that has never been seen. Injuries, coaching melt downs, front office firings, locker room beef and the humiliation of a franchise quarterback were all pieces of their ugly puzzle.

The weekly Giants saga was as episodic as the decline of Guns N Roses was during their creative prime.

The wear and tear got ugly during the Use Your Illusion era as drummer Steven Adler was fired, rhythm guitarist/songwriter Izzy Stradlin left and it got nasty from there.

Drugs, egos, drugs, infighting and…drugs saw the band swell from a lethal quintet to a bloated sideshow of keyboard players, a horn section, backup singers and various others.

By the end of that run GNR was for intents and purposes dead. The same thing can be said for the Giants who at year’s end just looked ready to call it a day.

 Philadelphia Eagles-Brockhampton

Despite losing quarterback Carson Wentz, the Eagles are still a sexy championship pick. After spending the offseason acquiring key skill players, the stacked team went on a tear that yielded them home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Their success is a newfound thing and they smack of another new group of successful winners in Brockhampton.

Often referred to as “the Internet’s first boy band,” Brockhampton impacted the scene in 2016 with their first mixtape All-American Trash in 2016 and has made waves with two albums Saturation and Saturation II since.

Washington Redskins-Nine Inch Nails

 This selection goes out to a family member that provided the current mindset of Redskins Nation.

“Misery is guaranteed, there is no way it around until major changes are made,” he stated.

Trent Reznor has made a good living out of churning out intelligent misery for those that need to think about the aggression they are releasing.

Never ones to be accused of being happy go lucky; Nine Inch Nails are a safe bet to bring the misery as much as Jay Gruden and that absentee defense is.

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