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NFL teams and their musical doppelgangers

Everyone has a twin

NFC North



Minnesota Vikings-Weezer

Having fielded a trio of quarterbacks that all have their own stories to tell, the Minnesota Vikings have enjoyed a wild ride this season.

Led for the most part by journeyman Case Keenum, Minnesota survived key injuries to skill positions to earn a first round postseason bye.

With all that took place, the Vikings have over achieved much like their musical counterparts Weezer.

As anything but a typical post-grunge alt rock act, Weezer takes every note to heart.  With equal parts savvy and thought, Weezer exceeds expectations just about every time.

Green Bay Packers-Frankie Goes To Hollywood

To quote their quarterback Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X.

Detroit Lions-AC/DC

Year after year, the Detroit Lions churn out the same product.  They have typically gone through periods of being incredibly horrible or worse.

The worse is being a team that teases postseason glory but simply never quite gets there.

The same historically can be said for AC/DC. The only difference being that the Australian rock titans were incredibly successful.

Yet for what it’s worth, AC/DC like the Lions are the most predictable group in their field. Turning out amplified power chords over an explosive backbeat time after time after time, some things never change.

Chicago Bears- Portugal. The Man

From Portland by way of Alaska, Portugal. The Man is finally starting to strike commercial gold. Their success has been something of a slow burn.

They are now poised to breakthrough after “Feel It Still” has been taken to the airwaves via various commercials.

The Bears are ready to cash in later this season with the return of receiver Kevin White, a new coach and the sophomore campaign of QB Mitch Trubisky

Both situations prove that the steady grind maybe better than the fast break.

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