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NFL teams and their musical doppelgangers

Everyone has a twin

NFC West


Arizona Cardinals-Fallout Boy

The Cardinals are at a crossroads having watched both their starting quarterback and head coach retire at season’s end.

The pop-rock machine Fallout Boy has a pivotal record Mania dropping soon that will go a long way towards determining whether or not Fall Out Boy will crossover into the territory of icons.

Can these situations stabilize and progress?

Seattle Seahawks-Kanye West

The Seahawks and West win and lose based off a mixture of skill and raw emotion.

Both often get in their own way because their feelings simply get too intense and both internal and external misunderstandings creep in.

The only surprise here is that West hasn’t already drummed up  a anthem for the squad.

San Francisco 49ers-Lil Xan

Rapper Lil Xan has dealt with addiction, the loss of his photography career and a quick thrust into the spotlight.

With his new LP Total Xanarchy on the way, Xan’s trajectory is on the upswing much like the 49ers.

Loaded with a new signal caller that may be a key piece to the potential fall of the Patriots Dynasty, San Francisco is positioned to be a problem moving forward.

Upward Is Heavenward.

Los Angeles Rams-Kendrick Lamar

This one is very simple. The West Coast has entered into its next phase of faces that will contribute to pop culture as a whole.

While the Rams still have to prove that they can handle the weight long-term, Lamar has cemented himself as a champion that L.A. can rally around.

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