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NFL teams and their musical doppelgangers

Everyone has a twin



Pittsburgh Steelers–Metallica

There’s a good chance that a hardcore Steelers fan is also a Metallica fan, the cultures mesh perfectly. The Steelers, despite speculation regarding the decline of Ben Roethlisberger, have continued to not just hang in there, but actually play dominant football.

They won their division this season, and Metallica, formed in 1981, refuses to be irrelevant in 2017. Both continue to dominate their respective fields with a tough, aggressive style, and there’s no end in sight for either of them.

Baltimore Ravens–Coldplay

The Ravens and Coldplay rose and fell into mediocrity basically at the same time. Right around the time Coldplay was reinventing itself as a band and emerging with a new sound, the Ravens were a dominant force in the AFC North and won a Super Bowl in 2013.

Ever since, it seems people have grown tired of Coldplay’s sound, and Joe Flacco has not provided the same fire he did as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals-The Killers 

Cincinnati seems determined to be a C-average student for eternity. They have excellent pieces on their roster on both sides of the ball, but off-field issues (or on-field issues for Vontaze Burfict) have held them back a bit.

Cornerback Adam Jones, a product of the class-act University of West Virginia, seems to always be in some sort of off-field struggle, and has been suspended on multiple occasions as a result.

The Killers are an excellent band and have enjoyed great success, but several hiatuses and off-stage issues have held them back as well.

Cleveland Browns-Unsigned Soundcloud Rapper

A lot of bands could’ve gone here, but William Hung was too successful and Mouse Rat from Parks and Recreation was too likeable, and actually had a hit song.

With just one win in the last two years and no relief in sight, the Browns are a struggle team much like the struggle rappers that make the Soundcloud platform almost impossible to navigate.

There aren’t participation trophies in the NFL.

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