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NFL teams and their musical doppelgangers

Everyone has a twin



Jacksonville Jaguars-Migos

Behind a top defense that nobody really saw coming, the Jaguars have emerged from, well, Jacksonville to look like a top NFL team. Their youth and dominance on the field means they’ll be around for quite a while.

Migos, similarly, has emerged on the hip-hop scene as a super dominant and influential group. Both units are young and rebellious and on top of their game to the chagrin of their detractors.

Both the Jags and Migos emerged from previous struggles to get where they are, and the future is bright for both of them.

Tennessee Titans-Imagine Dragons

People seem to love to trash the Titans and then forget about them. Well, guess what? They’re in the playoffs.

Similar to the Jaguars, they’ve emerged with a young and powerful team. While they may not be favored to win a Super Bowl soon, they’re making things happen down south.

Imagine Dragons are consistently hidden in car commercials or played so much on the radio that people tend to forget about them, but they’ve stayed relevant and avoided the dreaded sophomore slump. Don’t sleep on either of them.

Houston Texans-Lynyrd Skynyrd

Nothing was more heartbreaking this season than to see Deshaun Watson go down after an incredible start. The Texans looked legit and finally had a quarterback to lean on, and then they didn’t.

That seems to have been the story since the start of the franchise, they get something great going, and then it falls apart.

Lynyrd Skynyrd is perhaps more influential than the Texans, but bad luck disrupted the band’s success.

Hopefully the Texans haven’t yet played their “Free Bird,”and good things are coming in Houston.

Indianapolis Colts-The Spin Doctors

The Colts went downhill really quickly. Andrew Luck is a talented quarterback, but injuries have kept him off the field far too long.

The Spin Doctors have had their success, but sickness and other issues have led them to fall apart at times.

Both groups are simply a hot mess, and watching them between successes is difficult.

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