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NFL teams and their musical doppelgangers

Everyone has a twin



Kansas City Chiefs – Maroon 5

Both the Chiefs and Maroon 5 have achieved great success, and been especially relevant the last few years, and have built massive fanbases. Despite this, they both end up providing hollow product to their devoted fans.

The Chiefs will continue to end seasons above .500 and go the playoffs, but until they can provide some substance to their game, they won’t push it to the next level. Until Maroon 5 can stop making white noise for the radio, they’ll just stay where they are.

San Diego Chargers-T.I.

The Chargers are one of the more frustrating teams to watch in the NFL. They have all the tools to be great, they just never seem to be able to put it all together.

This season they ended above .500 and looked good, but it’s not quite enough to make fans forget about the last few years.

T.I. is a great talent himself, but has just never been able to assemble that one classic album to highlight his career, despite releasing a few hits.

The key phrase here is unrealized potential, but there is still time for both of them.

Oakland Raiders-NWA

This one doesn’t need much explanation. No matter how they’re perceived or how successful they are, the Raiders will always be the Raiders, and NWA will always be NWA.

The culture and lifestyle trumps the noise around them, and what you get is what you get.

Plus, 50% of people who own leather Raiders jackets only have them because NWA did it first.


Denver Broncos-Journey

The Broncos are one of the pillar franchises in the NFL. They’ve had multiple periods of success, led by John Elway and Peyton Manning, not to mention others.

They now find themselves in a lull as they look for a new lead to take them into a new period of success.

Journey, one of the most prominent and classic rock bands,went through a sort of reinvention in recent years with a new lead singer, one of their many phases in band history.

Both have the brand and the talent (pending for Denver) to bring success back.

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