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Watch: Bruce Willis is back with ‘Death Wish’ remake

Doctor gone rogue

Charles Bronson‘s ‘Death Wish’ is an action film classic but, action legend Bruce Willis and horror director Eli Roth are bringing this story of revenge into the twenty-first century.

Willis stars in this gut-wrenching tale as Dr. “Paul Kersey.” Kersey is fed up with the justice system after years of working as an emergency room doctor in the combat ridden streets of Chicago and seeing virtually no justice done for the patients for which he cares.  The final straw breaks when his wife (Elizabeth Shue)and daughter (Camilla Morrone) are brutally attacked in their home, and the police essentially do nothing.

Kersey takes matters into his own hands and hits the streets looking for revenge against the people who harmed his family, and a few others along the way. Veteran action star Bruce Willis seemed like the perfect fit for this father out for revenge in the rough streets of Chicago, and from what we can see, his performance will make you quickly side with the good doctor turned vigilante.

This reimagining by acclaimed horror director Eli Roth is sure to be packed with plenty of blood and gore sprinkled with a few moments to make you chuckle for good measure.

This bloody remake hits theaters March 2, 2018.

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