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Watch: Paul George Flexes on the Clippers

Flexing on the court

The Oklahoma City Thunder‘s Paul George came in flexing hard on the L.A. Clippers Thursday night to help the Thunder beat the Clippers 127-117.

The Clippers are sitting in the ninth seat in the western conference with seventeen wins and twenty losses and trying to pull their way further in the top ten. But the Thunder weren’t interested in going anywhere but forward with their game, sitting at number five with twenty-two wins and seventeen losses for the season.

Forward Paul George came through with some big plays Thursday night to push the Thunder into their ten point win against the Clippers. The four-time NBA All-Star, George, played strong scoring thirty-one points, six rebounds, and three assists in Thursday night’s game.

George’s efforts complimented that of Russell Westbrook, who scored twenty-nine points,  twelve rebounds, and eleven assists of his own, perfectly.  The team is entering 2018 with a comfortable seating going forward toward the playoff season. Their next game against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, January 7th, should be an easy win for the Thunder with this dynamic duo working in sync.

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