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Mephisto returns to Sin City in DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION

Writer Donny Cates goes in depth about his new comic book series DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION.

Marvel Comics brings focus to the world of sorcery and mystical arts as Doctor Strange takes center stage in DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION #1.

The comic series launches February 21, 2018 with creative talent of Donny Cates, Nick Spencer, and Rod Reis working on the project. In this limited saga Doctor Strange needs the help of the Marvel Universe to stop one of the darkest villains of all time, Mephisto.

Lead writers behind the story will be Donny Cates and Nick Spencer. Each writer has a vast career in the field of writing for Donny this includes specific titles REDNECK, God Country, and Buzzkill. Nick has multiple titles under his wing ranging from Secret Empire and Not Brand Echh. Together these two writers will create a powerful story in the legacy of Doctor Strange.

Rod Reis a veteran artist in the field of comic books has an impressive record under his belt with several titles from DC Comics including Justice League, Aquaman, and Nightwing. Rod will put into perspective how dynamic the magic in this world will be with stunning pencil work and color in the next great chapter of Doctor Strange.

Donny tells Marvel the roots of how this story will shape the Sorcerer Supreme.

“Strange is out to prove himself in this series. After the devastating conclusion to Jason Aaron’s series, and the fallout from a certain God of Lies turning his world upside down, Stephen has had a rough year. So here we find Stephen trying to get back on the world’s stage and be a hero again. But when it all goes south on him, he just might not be up for the challenge…”

The source of conflict falls on the beloved city of Las Vegas, Nevada, a place known to be the center of bad behavior and ruthless actions. In the aftermath of Secret Empire, Strange rebuilds the city with his incredible powers but those same powers cause the evil Mephisto to appear.

Now the story will be an epic chapter for the Sorcerer Supreme as comic book fans will follow the trail of magic as it leads to endless realities and possibilities. The creative team will build new depth to Doctor Strange and the supernatural heroes involved as they battle the devil of the Marvel Universe.

Donny continues to tell Marvel the essence and drive behind Mephisto and what it means for Doctor Strange and his allies.

“Mephisto is such a blast to write-he lives in the unique little zone where he’s one of the only bad guys who are just completely fine with being evil. There are no grey areas with the devil, man! He’s evil and he loves being evil. So you get to write him as really any version you want as you move through the story. Mephisto is a character that can turn from playful and dramatic, to cruel and hardcore without skipping a beat. And with a setting like Las Vegas…well, he’s quite the showman!”

Evil energy will pour across the souls of the innocent as Mephisto makes his mark in Sin City. The dark lord returns to the realm of man February 21, 2018. Witness the supernatural at an all time high in DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION #1.

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