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NBA: Nikola Mirotic leaving the Bulls?

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Power forward Nikola Mirotic may be leaving the Chicago Bulls soon.  There is only one month to go before the deadline for the NBA closes on trading and Nikola Mirotic will be available for trade January 15th, with his permission per the deal he signed with the Bulls.

According to ESPN, Mirotic is interested in jumping ship for the Utah Jazz.

The Bulls are still planning to trade forward Nikola Mirotic, which can’t happen until Jan. 15 or without his permission, based on his contract. Mirotic has been intrigued with the Utah Jazz, whose coach, Quin Snyder, has a reputation of maximizing offensive talent.

There is no word from the Utah Jazz camp about them being interested in Mirotic at all, but it is pretty safe to say that they need some help in the defense department. Currently sitting at sixteen wins and twenty-four losses, the Utah Jazz rank at tenth in the western conference,  and fifth in the northwest division. The season is nearly halfway over, and the playoffs loom in the distance.

Although there is no precise word on what may happen, the Jazz picking up Mirotic would punch up their game a few notches. Their last match up was a scathingly close loss to the Miami Heat 102-103 for the Heat.

The Utah Jazz play again this Wednesday, January 10th, against the Washington Wizards at the Capitol Arena in Washington D.C.

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