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Review: Nick de la Hoyde Releases Energetic New Single, “Hold Me Close”

Language of love

Nick de la Hoyde explores the universal language of love through his newest single, “Hold Me Close.”

jpgNick de la Hoyde discovered his love of music at a young age. The Sydney based singer/songwriter began indulging in his passion when he was 16, and has been refining his sound ever since.

Now 23 years old, his music acts as a reflection of his own life experiences, with intimate themes and engaging melodies, it’s hard to not get completely enraptured in the experience that is his sound.

De la Hoyde incorporates various global influences into his music, resulting in a unique audial experience that calls back to his childhood growing up in a multicultural home. This element blends seamlessly with his captivating future-pop stylings, accented by notes of R&B and hip hop. More than anything, is sound is a complete representation of his soul. It’s no wonder he’s amassed a rather impressive, ever growing fanbase over the last few years.

His latest single, “Hold Me Close,” is as catchy as it is heartfelt. De la Hoyde’s smooth vocals combined with a melody that captivate all who listen for what can only be described as pure magic. The song’s topic is both simple and wildly complex at the same time. Love, a force that both heals and hurts, is expressed so rawly here that it’s hard not to feel some sort of way listening. The uplifting melody echoes the desire for action, as the lyrics emit a sense of honesty. The relationship is complicated, they’ve been there before. It may not be the couple in question’s first time down that path, but the urge to make it work is there. The focus is in the moment and on the feeling of two becoming one, and that concept is simply beautiful.

With such an enchanting voice and a knack for heartfelt lyrics, it’s not hard to see why Nick de la Hoyde has become such a fan favorite. His songs are laced with a sense of realness that can be appreciated by everyone. It’ll be interesting to see how his already impressive musical stylings evolve with him over time.

Rating: 4/5

Stream “Hold Me Close” by Nick de la Hoyde

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  1. George

    January 9, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    Love this track!

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