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Tonight Alive Collaborates With Lynn Gunn Of PVRIS In “Disappear”

Alive with Sound

Australian rock band Tonight Alive, are set to release their latest album Underworld in four more days. Trailblazing the rock tableau since 2011 the rebellious quartet glamorize the idea of self-empowerment this time around. Releasing singles with emboldening messages to fans across the globe.

Consisting currently of lead singer Jenna McDougall, guitarist Jake Hardy, bassist Cameron Adler and drummer Matt Best. The foursome has recently debuted their latest music video for their track “Disappear” which features Lyndsey Gunnulfsen of Electropop band, PVRIS. After departing from longtime member Whakaio Taahi back in October, the group been serious about getting down to business. The band consistently started to produce singles such as, “Temple,” the first taste of their album giving off that angsty warped sensation; missed greatly by fans. Finally zoning back into their familiar roots, McDougall also got to collaborate with Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor on the track “My Underworld.” Promising an album full of haunting moments in the works.

The album trails the clique’s 2016 record Limitless and exemplifies the band as a whole. The lyrics in each song will showcase the many “ups” and “downs”  the mighty troops endured throughout the years. Between growing and breaking out into a totally new sound, the band aimed high and strong.

Fans also took note of  McDougall’s new style in “Disappear” video. Rocking a cotton candy pink pixie-cut in the streets of New York City, to go along with the clean slate really sets the mood. Digging deeper into the lyrics it became potent that the song meant something that hits close to home for the leading lady.

“Disappear is a song about the escapist inside all of us. As you can tell expect from Tonight Alive, the lyrics discuss freedom, but this time with a flavour of anonymity and detachment,” McDougall said in a public statement. “Disappear was written with the intention of sounding neither like PVRIS or Tonight Alive and aimed to capture the sonic imagery of a long straight highway out of your comfort zone.”

The singer’s message is tragically beautiful. The overall point of the video is getting to know the dark side of yourself, while being cautious of where it leads. The presentation Tonight Alive creates is to become surrounded by those willing to give a helping hand and accept it. Thus allowing oneself to live a care-free fearless life, without slipping under or letting your concealed entity take over completely.

Quickly becoming a fan favorite track, the anticipation staggers for January 12th. Not only will the album, from Hopeless Records, become available in a matter of days, but the band also has another surprise in store—touring alongside Canadian rockers of Silverstein for The Get Free Tour” which begins only seven days after Underworld is released, creating a positive outlook, with a lot to look forward to this year.


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