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H&M announces affordable luxury label

a new label targeted towards millennials

Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images,)

Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images,)

After the success of their latest streetwear collection, H&M announced a new innovative label in the works called Nyden.

Nyden is presumed to be an affordable, luxury brand that will be exclusively targeted towards the millennial and influencer generation. The brand will be led by the head of H&M’s Innovation Lab, Oscar Olsson. Olsson whom has been working for H&M since 2013 is said to be taking an unconventional approach when it comes to the business model of this new label. The new business model will involve using selected influencers or “tribe leaders” to create each collection.

The first “tribe leaders” selected by Olsson are tattoo artist Doctor Woo and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. They will be working together on selecting and creating the very first pieces that will launch for Nyden. The first release is said to kick off early this year.

Additionally, H&M stated that Nyden will be a “smaller startup” compared to what the brand has created thus far. Therefore, there won’t be Nyden stores worldwide for quite some time.

This is not H&M’s first round creating a separate label; last year they launched Arket. Whereas Arket aspires to provide staple wardrobe pieces and homeware, Nyden’s targeted audience or “Netocrat” is said to be younger, savvier, and pursuing an innovative brand experience. In an interview with The Cut, Olsson divulged his thoughts on who the Nyden consumer would be:

“The Netocrat is more sensitive than ever to credibility, authenticity, and personality,” he said. “They’re also more sensitive than ever to exploitation of themselves or other people… It’s about creating tools that they can dance on top of; that they can be creative with; and that can enhance their relationship with other tribes.”

Despite the fact that a launch date has yet to be announced, clothes will be available through e-commerce and pop-up events. For more information, check out the Nyden website.

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