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Watch: Jack White premieres ‘Connected By Love’

Return Of The Static Blues

Jack White has taken quite the long break from making his own new music. At this point, it’s been nearly four years since he put out his last solo record Lazaretto. Since the end of his last tour, he has remained fairly quiet aside from the release of a new Dead Weather album and a compilation album of acoustic songs spanning his whole career.

Now he has broken his pseudo-silence with the premiere of his new music video, “Connected By Love,” the first single off his upcoming album, Boarding House Reach.

“Connected By Love” traverses musically into some of the more modern and experimental territories that White has been breaching since his debut solo album, Blunderbuss (2012).

At the same time, however, there is something comfortingly familiar about the song. This can probably be attributed to the fact that the vocal melody feels a bit reminiscent of The White Stripes. It puts analog instruments together with digital sounds in a way that feels seamless.

In a way, this is a song that manages to take the old Jack White stuff, which fans know and love, and ties it together with the new directions he wants to take.

The video depicts some of the difficulty and struggle of everyday life, through the eyes of different people around the world from various walks of life, who together to witness a cosmic event taking place all over the globe. The idea, being how we are all connected through the love of their families and others. The scenes are interspersed with White, alone in a dim, dingy hotel room passionately singing, while shifting anxiously about.

Its message can be boiled down to the fact that while we all have different backgrounds and live in different places, we will all face different struggles in our lifetimes. We all live in the same universe together and are connected by the one thing we as a human race do the best: love.

There is no release date for White’s forthcoming album, Boarding House Reachas of press time.


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