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Liam Neeson takes control with ‘The Commuter’

The Thrill Is On

Liam Neeson has arrived with his latest action film. The Commuter will attempt to put butts on the edges of seats and keep audiences guessing throughout.

commuterpostNeeson’s latest opens with the mild-mannered insurance salesman/ family man ‘Michael’ (Neeson) embarking on his routine daily commute.

As he treks through on autopilot, he engages another commuter (Vera Farmiga) in a seemingly innocent conversation.

As the situation progresses, it becomes increasingly clear, that there are deeper, and more pressing issues afoot than small talk.

The mysterious passenger gives ‘Michael’ a choice; either he finds a mystery person on the train and kills them, or his family dies.

The thriller directed by Jaume Collete- Serra, is positioned to get film goers through the New Year drought.

Blockbusters such as Black Panther and 50 Shades Freed are on the way but in the meantime The Commuter should generate a lot of attention.

The Commuter is in theaters on January 12.

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