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Texas man reunited with stolen Kiss memorabilia

“Tears Are Falling” For Kiss Fans Stolen Swag

It is a pretty common occurrence for someone to feel an immense burning passion for a band or artist. It is a less common occurrence, however, for someone to spend the majority of their life buying up so much of their memorabilia that they need a storage unit in order to keep it all. Someone in San Angelo, Texas, did exactly that with their cornucopia of Kiss memorabilia. Unfortunately, just prior to the new year, his unit was burgled, leading police to arrest a suspect.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the victim, who has been kept anonymous from the press, called the San Angelo Police Department on Dec. 29th, after they had found the unit, which had typically been chock full of the Kiss rock memorabilia he amassed over the last 40 years, had been robbed.

The list of the memorabilia in the unit included items such as records, shirts, action figures, magazines, a Star Wars action figure, and more. At this time police have been unable to put a number on the total value of the collection.

Police, however, were able to make an arrest and recover part of the collection when they received security footage from the facility that allegedly shows 50-year-old Michael W. Roehr committing the act. After receiving an anonymous tip, police managed to track Roehr to a residence (though it is unclear whether or not it was his own), this past Friday. From there, Roehr was placed into custody at Tom Green County Jail on the charges of burglary of a building, burglary of a habitation, and the possession of a controlled substance.

What police managed to recover from Roehr has been returned to the rightful owner. It is still unclear how much of the collection still remains missing and its exact whereabouts, as of press time.

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