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Salute Spotlight: 7 Indie Artists You Need To Hear

This week’s Salute Spotlight is no joke.

Originally an idea in the back of a music lover’s mind, Salute Spotlight was created with one goal, and one goal only; to show the independent artists of the world some appreciation.

With mainstream acts monopolizing the scene, it can be hard for more underground acts to get the love they deserve. Sometimes potential fans completely miss out on bands whose music would resonate with them because they just don’t know where to look. Something had to be done.

That’s where this list comes in. Each week seven new up-and-coming acts will be featured right here, to make the search easy. Covering every genre, Salute Spotlight promises only one thing: quality.

blog-toya-delazy6419Toya Delazy

Singer and producer, Toya Delazy, is an artist with many talents.

Born in South Africa and currently based in East London, Delazy is a pianist, producer, rapper and singer-songwriter whose sound combines elements of jazz, electro and hip-hop, a style she has affectionately dubbed JEHP.

From a starry-eyed nine year old taking her first piano lesson, to the moment she dropped her debut single, “Due Drop,” and far beyond, Delazy has put so much of her soul into refining and perfecting her sound, and the dedication has clearly paid off.

Her latest single, “London Town” features one of the most versatile, interesting beats around. With a global vibe that ties together Delazy’s homes around the world, it’s hard not to be completely captivated. And if that wasn’t enough, her flow and subtly powerful vocals will definitely have you hooked.

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unnamed-2Sure Sure

Sure Sure is an LA based indie band with big plans for 2018.

With an album in the works that’s set to drop Jan 12, and an array of awesome singles coming out left and right, these guys are not playing around.

However, while it’s clear that their music is no joke, their sound certainly doesn’t lack any fun. With a slightly quirky edge and hypnotic vocals, there’s a distinct nature to their tunes that makes them instantly recognizable.

Their latest single, “Hands Up Head Down,” hit the No. 1 spot on Hype Machine’s Popular Charts, as well as making it to No. 3 on Soundcloud’s Indie Charts. Neither of these are achievements to be scoffed at.

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copia-de-_mg_9133Pablo Zuazo

Pablo Zuazo is a nu jazz musician from São Paulo, Brazil who proves that his craft is very much alive and well.

A talented pianist, singer, and songwriter, Zuazo brings such a raw energy to his music. The smoothness of his melodies and unexpected progressions evoke chills in all who listen.

His mantra of “modernity is tradition” rings true in the essence of his sound. The point of it all is that the past does not matter, nor does the future. The only thing that truly matters is where the two come together, it’s in the now.

Definitely an artist worth looking into, his one-of-a-kind songs are guaranteed to set the mood and intrigue the soul.

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img_7329Dig Exotic

Dig Exotic is the solo project of LA based artist, Rebecca Rosoff.

Her debut LP, Exposition, was recorded back in 2014, and features that good old rock n’ roll sound with more indie elements, mixed together flawlessly for a sound that really reflects its creator.

Powerful guitar and raw vocals mark her style and show off her talent and dedication to the music.

It’s not everyday one finds an artist who throws themselves so completely into their work, and artist like Dig Exotic. Fans of rock music would be doing themselves a huge disservice if they let this one slip by them.

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img_1054Tony Black

Tony Black has been refining his sound since 2011, and over the years has crafted his own unique genre of hip hop.

Mixing in elements of pop with raw, human emotion, it’s hard not to appreciate what black brings to the table.

His latest release, “This Is Our Home” is absolutely haunting, with a masterfully crafted beat, poetic lyrics that evoke such intense feelings, and the sheer power Black packs into his vocals. From the most subtle statement, to an intense declaration, every word that passes through his lips hits deep.

Black hopes to change the music scene with his work, and for someone as talented as him, it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

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dsc06669John X Smith

Straight out of Oakland, California, John X Smith is a rapper and hip hop artist with a serious knack for flow.

With some seriously catchy beats, and energy that will bring any party to life. If you’re looking to really get things going, John X Smith is your man.

Audio layering and sheer adrenaline bring these songs to life, guaranteeing to lift the mood and bring in those good vibes.

The video for his track, “Too Damn Long” is set to drop soon, so keep an eye out.

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From Kenya to the shores of the UK, Mezmah is a rap and hip hop artist whose unique approach to sound can only be described as masterful.

All of his tracks have an artistic touch to them, with unexpected ambient inclusions, and poetic lyrics that get listeners thinking on a deeper plane. This trait makes even more sense when Mezmah’s admiration for the artist Banksy is taken into account. Though the two use very different mediums, the desire to convey a message connects them.

Mezmah is a huge advocate for staying true to the self, and hopes that through his music others will be inspired to chase their own truths.

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  1. Le Poetik Sound & Freedom

    January 14, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    Great spotlight!!! 🙂
    But there is a typing error in tags. The correct name of the artist is “Pablo Zuazo” and not “Pablo Suazo”.
    Congratulations, I love independent artists.

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