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The Black Ink Crew Learns Not to Mess with Atlanta

Many people think that Atlanta is the land of Southern charm and peaches. Full of people ready to give as much hospitality as possible. Unfortunately, Ceaser Emmanuel and Sky of VH1‘s  Black Ink Crew had to learn the hard way the Southerners are not always so nice.

In a recent episode, the Black Ink Atlanta shop was shut down due to disturbing the peace. Apparently, the residents and business owners of Atlanta were not happy with the noise coming from the shop’s after-hours parties that would go well past 3 AM. Sky and Ceaser were called to come before the council of Buckhead, which is the area of Atlanta where the shop is located.

The next day, Ceaser allowed Sky to go before the council and fail miserably. She thought that since she’s been living in Atlanta, she could easily persuade them to give Black Ink Atlanta a break. Sky was dead wrong. When her newfound southern kindness didn’t work, she reverted to her Harlem ways which also were unpopular.

It was Ceaser’s turn to charm the crowd and surprisingly, he was successful. He was able to convince them that Black Ink Atlanta didn’t mean any harm, and they would try harder to fit in with the community. In all, Black Ink Atlanta will no be shut down anytime soon, but they better watch their step.

Ceaser is used to running shops with little to no structure where drinking and tom foolery is accepted. Make no mistakes, Atlanta likes to have a good time too, but there are levels to this ish. For one, he kept his sunglasses on most of the time when interacting with people. That’s the first unwritten sign of disrespect. You always look someone in their eyes and if they can’t see your eyes when they can’t be trusted.

The second mistake he made was letting Sky speak on his behalf. Though she’s a great manager of the Atlanta shop, she still has a lot to learn. Plus, it’s important for business owners themselves to connect with the community and their peers. Also, don’t throw parties in your place of business where people can steal, mess stuff up, and leave a mess that you’ll have to clean up. Have some class and take the party to a spot that’s close to yours, where you know the proprietor who may give you group deals based on your relationship.

Again, it’s levels to this ish. Ceaser may be a boss, but he still has a lot to learn.

WATCH: Cops Come Shut Down Black Ink Atlanta

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