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editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth leaves Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief says goodbye

Photo from Instagram

Photo from Instagram

On Thursday, Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Elaine Welteroth announced to the publication she will be leaving the position behind. She sent an email to media relations announcing her parting for a different opportunity.

Teen Vogue first hired Elaine Welteroth as editor-in-chief in April 2017. During less than a year as editor-in-chief, Welteroth has contributed her passion to the magazine and its audience while helping to reach out to a new generation. It is reported that Welteroth is leaving to work with CAA, a top talent agency. She confirmed her parting via Twitter, responding to a tweet.

Welteroth holds the title for the youngest person and second person of color in Condé Nast to ever become editor-in-chief. She developed her editorial career at Ebony as a beauty and style editor from 2008-2011. From Ebony, she went to Glamour in 2012 becoming a beauty and health director. Despite her strong background in beauty, Welteroth’s impact on Teen Vogue transformed the magazine forever.

The 31-year-old has led the coverage of politics and feminism, something the magazine rarely displayed pieces of. She changed the magazine by reaching to its young audience, promoting social justice alongside fashion and beauty. Welteroth also created the Teen Vogue Summit, a gathering to inspire a new generation of activists and creators that provides insights to change the world.

“She was instrumental in the successful launch of the Teen Vogue Summit and [we] know that she will carry that same passion and enthusiasm into her next venture. We wish her all the best in what we know will be an incredible career,” said spokesperson from Condé Nast. 

Although Welteroth is leaving the position, her contributions to the magazine are here to stay.

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