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Review: Black Veil Brides go corporate on Vale

Standard Issue

Black Veil Brides rock the uniform of goth-inspired hooligans.

The reality is that the unit is master songsmiths that could have made it any genre.

Black Veil BridesOn Vale there are a lot of gang-style chants and hooks that would have given Def Leppard cause for concern circa the Pyromania era.

The title track and “Wake Up” make their respective bids to stand out as Vale’s signature songs for different reasons.

The former is a power-ballad that screams ‘hold your cell phones and lighters high’ while the later powers through at a frenetic pace.

Standard-issues themes of rebellion and defiance adorn the set as BVB always has had a strong understanding of their target demographic.

At times, Vale stalls as it sticks too much to the script.  Make no bones about it; this is music that was made to be blasted in Hot Topic stores everywhere.

Is there a problem with that? No.  In fact, there is something to be said for providing a soundtrack to the days of youth.

The only problem is that when that is the road that is taken, the records have to have some sort of individual style and flair to them.

There is no doubt that they can physically play and sing and perform.

Where BVB trips here and on previous sets is that some of their work feels forced.

That’s not to say that they are insincere as much as it is to say that by the time the seventh song “ Our Destiny” rolls around, there is a strong desire to move on to something else.

All the whoa-whoaing in the world doesn’t stave off the fact that its time for BVB to drop the manufactured danger and take a real creative risk.

They certainly have a group of satisfied customers. But when will they feed them a real dose of blistering chaos?

Rating: 3/5

Stream: Black Veil Brides Vale

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