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Review: Camila Cabello wins round one on solo debut

It’s A Win

Camila Cabello survived the fall.

Camila CabelloAfter a messy split from Fifth Harmony, she bounced back with a solo success story that her former bandmates may not be able to rival.

At just under 36 minutes, Camila is a tight collection of songs that have absolutely so fat on them whatsoever.

While not every song is as perfect as the sensually driven hit “Havana,” there is something to dive into on each piece.

Of the album tracks, the spicy “She Loves Control” is a clear candidate as a future single.

Fueled by a Latin-influenced bounce that reflects her South Florida roots, the track shows enough restraint to keep it rooted in urban pop.

As the album’s clear “bop,” “ She Loves Control” can be viewed as Cabello’s current mission statement.

Cold, ’cause she has been here before

She doesn’t cry anymore, no looking back

No, she doesn’t go to the bar

Too many lovers she scared

And they want her back

That is a pretty much a take it how you want to moment.

Cabello manages to breathe star power into each of Camila’s songs.  That in itself makes it one of the best pure mainstream records to come along in some time.

On wax Cabello is not afraid of what she is.  She’s a pure pop star from Miami that has a sultry side. All three angles are pushed to the max and in doing so they often collide in a manner of high quality.

As things wind down on the percolating “Into It,” it becomes clear that her entire team measured twice to cut once.

The right tracks were put together in the right order for maximum impact.

Was this expected? Not really. Girl groups fracture all of the time and they often fail to yield creatively desirable results.

Cabello may not reach Beyoncé’s heights but she’s going to be here for a long time if she continues to bathe in her truth.

And for now that is an epic win.

Rating: 4/5

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