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Review: Finding Feebas drops killer single “Tire Pressure Low”

Finding Feebas is making a splash with the their new single, “Tire Pressure Low”

a3149841447_10New Brunswick based pop punk band, Finding Feebas has returned to the scene after a brief hiatus, and they are not joking around. Consisting of local legend Brittney Dixon (also known as Brittney On Fire) (vocals), Alejandro Ataucusi (lead guitar), Nikki Karwacki (rhythm guitar), Brian Erickson (bass, backing vocals, keys) and RJ Noebels (drums), their high-energy sound and hard hitting lyrics never fail to bring the hype, sparking any room to life.

The same energy Finding Feebas brings to their live shows permeates their new single, “Tire Pressure Low.” The track is truly impressive given the rawness of its message, encouraging self-love while addressing the issues that come with the desire to please those around you. It maintains an air of openness that listeners can identify with, sharing personal experiences and struggles for an ultra-relatable feel.

Stylistically “Tire Pressure Low” balances intensity and fun through all of its components. With a great pop punk vibe that will evoke a serious sense of nostalgia, and encourage some dancing at the same time, the song is an all around sensory experience. Spine-tingling guitar riffs and a melody that works its way into the bloodstream evoke an air of electricity while the heart-pounding beat evokes uncontrollable head nodding. The lyrics are simplistic, yet concise. The point isn’t buried under layers of metaphor. It’s meant to be heard. Dixon’s vocals ring clear, carrying with them the weight of the song’s topic. To her the desire to convey her message is real, and she definitely succeeds.

Pop punk isn’t dead, this track makes sure of that. Finding Feebas is more than a passion project shared by some close friends, it’s a way to connect. While “Tire Pressure Low” is making its rounds, the band is spreading the love to venues throughout New Jersey. Word to the wise, it would absolutely be worth going to catch them live.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: “Tire Pressure Low” by Finding Feebas

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