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Bow Wow whines on GUHHATL’s season two premiere

Rapper Bow Wow shows his straight up childish side during the premiere of the second season of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. The superstar rapper decided to act like a little kid after a dispute with music mogul Jermaine Dupri. His behavior caused rap legend Da Brat to step in and call him out for being so disrespectful and disloyal.

Apparently, Bow Wow is upset at JD for a business mishap that occurred during the So So Summer 17 Tour, which he and Da Brat participated in. The tour also featured a couple of the young artist that appeared on JD’s show The Rap Game, including King Roscoe, Flau’jae, Deetronada, and Miss Mulatto. However, Bow Wow claims that no one was paid from the tour, which has caused him to feud with JD.

He’s gone so far as to stop taking JDs call and avoiding him altogether. Bow Wow has proceeded to record his new music in secret and is even entertaining the idea of releasing his next album with him. The thought of that is so crazy, especially since JD has been involved in Bow Wow’s career ever since he was in elementary school.

Fortunately, Da Brat stepped in to call him out on his little tantrum. She basically pointed out that JD is like his father and So So Def is their family. They can’t call out because of something so small or let the world know that they’re in turmoil. However, Bow Wow didn’t seem to be moved by anything she had to say.

According to Da Brat, Bow Wow has always been a spoiled child and behaves like a grown man who never grew up. She makes a good point. Bow Wow has been working overtime to make people buy into his Shad Moss persona. Changing his name was supposed to make people see him as a grown man and take him more seriously. However, despite what he wants to be seen as, he continues to make immature mistakes.

Hopefully, Bow Wow gets a grip and reconciles with JD, or at least let him know how he feels. It seems like that JD doesn’t even know that there’s a problem. Either he’s too busy to care or thinks that Bow Wow should have moved on already. Either way, if Bow Wow wants to be a grown man, then he needs to start acting like one and confront his issues with JD.

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