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Justin Timberlake Premieres Tracks from New Album at NYC Club

JT drops new tracks on NYC clubbers.

Pop icon Justin Timberlake has been building up his fans’ anticipation for his upcoming fifth studio album Man of the Woods due out Feb 2. To further aid this cause, Timberlake made a bold surprise move by visiting a night club in New York City this past weekend to give them an unexpected treat by playing some unreleased tracks from the album.

On Saturday night Timberlake popped in at the popular club 1 OAK and took over the position of DJ to give unsuspecting club goers a taste of what is to come from the much anticipated album.

Twitter user Yagmur sent out a collection of six tweets with short low quality clips of some of the songs that were played. None of them seem to give all that much away, though.

There are currently no other known audio or video clips from the event at press time.

In her tweets Yagmur seems a little disgruntled that random club people got to hear the music first, saying:

“Random people at a club heard the album first smh.”

Currently it is unknown how many tracks from Man of the Woods that Timberlake played, though one of the clips is said to be “Filthy”, which already premiered Jan 5.

This is considered by many to be a bold and unusual move because usually when an artist has a listening party for a new album it is a very secretive and closed event. The only people invited are usually industry insiders as well as members of the press. The fact that un-premiered songs got played to random club goers is a bit unprecedented.

Timberlake is set to be the half time performer at Super Bowl LII this year in Minneapolis, MN on Feb 4, two days after the release of Man of the Woods.

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