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TKO! Kandi Burruss comes for Kim Zolciak

Diva War

Kandi Burruss is sick and tired of the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta going after her.

She recently took to Twitter to address some comments made on the show by her former friend Kim Zolciak. Apparently, she’s over it, and let the “Tardy for the Party” singer (questionable) have a piece of her mind.

During a recent episode of RHOA, Kim made comments suggesting that Kandi wanted to lick her box. For those of you who don’t know, “box” is a common term for vagina.

Actually, she did more than suggest that the Xscape group member wanted a piece of her action. Kim swore on her kids that Kandi was trying to get at her, and we all know that she has a lot of them.

In response to the allegations, Kandi took to Twitter and wrote:

“I’m sick of these bitches lying on me. @KimZolciak I have NEVER wanted you or your box. And stop swearing on your kids while you’re telling lies. Lying ass bitch. Somebody’s really reaching for a permanent peach here… This is my house. You’re just a visitor!”

Not only did she post the message on Twitter, but she also made it crystal clear that Kim is lying on Instagram as well.

Unfortunately, she later decided to delete the Instagram post that consisted of a screenshot of her tweet with the caption “PSA: stop lying @KimZolciak!”

It’s interesting that Kim would make these accusations, considering that she’s a  lesbian herself. At least she used to be. Back in Season 3, Kim was dating a woman who she claimed to be in love with. The relationship hit all of the tabloids and was a shock to everyone who knew her.

Unfortunately, all of this undercover lesbian nonsense goes back to the rumors from last season, alleging that Kandi got with girls on the sides.

These rumors were followed by allegations made by Porsha Williams that Kandi tried to have sex with her. She even went so far to say that Mrs. Burruss-Tucker attempted to drug her along with her husband Todd Tucker so that they could have their way with Porsha in their sex dungeon.

It was later revealed that these rumors were orchestrated by former RHOA cast member Phaedra Parks. Unfortunately, the truth didn’t come out until the last part of the show’s reunion.

As a result, Phaedra was kicked off the who, while Porsha who played clueless, was allowed to continue on.

A lot that has transpired in the beginning of the show’s tenth season, stems back to Porsha’s involvement in the scandal, including parts of her fallout with RHOA veteran NeNe Leakes.

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