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Watch: Anthony Davis has the Pelican’s flying high

Sleeping Giant

The New Orleans Pelican‘s have been on a recent three-game streak of luck! The Crescent city has much of their new year’s success to attribute to powerhouse player Anthony Davis.

Last night, Anthony Davis played his second straight 45 point game. The 6’10 forward-center is one of the most dynamic in the league right now, especially in the small market team of New Orleans. On Sunday of last week, the team played against the New York Knicks where Davis scored a whopping 48 points, with 17 rebounds in the Garden.

The follow-up last night was just as good. The Pelicans faced the rising Boston Celtics in Boston where the game came down to an overtime win of 116-113 for New Orleans. Davis went in hard playing for 45 minutes and scoring 45 points with 16 rebounds, and two assists.  If New Orleans could garner a few more players like Davis, they could make a power play for their division.

Even Stephen A. Smith of ESPN spoke of Davis’ insane skills on the court saying that ” If you were to pair Davis with Lebron, I have news for the Golden State Warriors; You are no longer the favorite.” Those are some strong words to be said by one of the most critical commentators in the game. That being said, he isn’t wrong, Davis and Lebron in the current climate would be a hard force to stop.

The next matchup for Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans is tonight at 7:30 EST against the Atlanta Hawks at the Philips Arena.

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