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The Workplace Comedy You Didn’t Know You Needed

“Abandon All Hope”

With a name like Corporate some of you might have thought that Comedy Central is trying to reinvent the wheel—or in this case another campy stoner comedy like-Workaholics. But you would be surprisingly mistaken to enter this incredibly dark workplace comedy about the hierarchical corporate culture, which could make some viewers question their very own morality and life decisions.

It centers around a Fortune 500-like conglomerate, Hampton Deville, whose slogan, “we make everything” is far from hyperbole, manufacturing everything from bananas, to tablet devices and even human life. 

The story follows two sheepish junior executives-in-training, played by Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman, whose careers at the company continue to hang by a thread. Under the watchful eye of top executives, played by Adam Lustick and Anne Dudek, they manage to keep their head above water knowing they’re but cogs in a never-ending loop of disappointment. At the top of the heap, is Hampton Deville’s power-hungry CEO Christian DeVille (played by Lance Reddick) who would sell his top executive’s soul to increase his assets even the slightest amount.

Directed by Pat Bishop, who previously worked on a number of short films for Funny or Die, the first episode “The Void” talks about depression and loneliness from the perspective of a low-level employee whose insensitive tweet might have just cost the company billions of dollars. Matt and Jake are asked to fire him but have a change of heart when he tells them of his plan to get some cake by going around to 19 different parties.

The second episode, “Powerpoint of Death,” centers around negotiations between the CIA and Hampton Deville, who hope to corner the market on weapons and warfare with the help of Matt’s powerpoint expertise. Things, of course, take an immediate turn for the worse when Matt and Jake find out that they’re the new test dummies for their tactical weaponry.

With only two episodes, so far, it’s too early to say if this a program that will last, but it’s certainly one that will drum up some interesting conversation around the water cooler.


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