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Brawl overshadows Yams Day festival

Things Have To Change

A$AP Yams deserved better.

A night of  recognition, ended up taking a rough turn. For the past two years, the A$AP squad held the annual tribute concert “Yams Day.” The occasion is dedicated to their fallen leader, A$AP Yams.

An abundance of spotlight hip-hop performers were in the lineup which included late additions French Montana, Playboi Carti and Flatbush Zombies.

A$AP Mob, Lil Yachty and Nav were amon previously announced featured performers.

However, just two hours in an unexpected brawl broke ended the show early.

Confused, and frightened fans were immediately evacuated. No clear explanation was given, as everybody fled the scene. The mad mayhem took place at the Bronx’s New York Expo Center, for the very first time.

According to witnesses, A$AP Rocky  grabbed the mic to get the crowd’s attention. Not yet aware of the outburst, he demanded people to exit off the overcrowded stage area. Despite of a red flag warning, nobody was budging. Avoiding the issue, Rocky walked over to the general admission area to join some fans, only to be rushed over backstage by a fellow crew member. Becoming aware of security issues taking place.

It became apparent that as Rocky was on stage, is when the dispute started. At around 10:30 p.m. noises were heard that were mistaken as gunshots. Other spectators even saw chairs being thrown around. A distraught Rocky took matters into his own hands trying to end the altercation he was observing.

“Y’all fuckin this up. This supposed to be Yams Day.” he pleaded to those involved.

As people stampeded to the nearest exits, the fight continued on the side of the stage. It appears in the video footage below that all men were involved. However, rumors spread like wild-fire, that the main person involved was rapper, 6ix9ine.

To his defense 6ix9ine claims he had nothing to do with the chaos that took place.  Showing everybody that he was not stabbed, or shot. Turning to Instagram live to clear his name and end the gossip.

“For everybody that is putting my name in the Yams Day situation that had nothing to do with me.” He explains. “I’m perfectly fine I’m saying that had nothing to do with me, it’s crazy you know what I’m saying… the amount of hate that goes on in the world today, man. Yams didn’t deserve that it. It was a charity event, you know what I’m saying, for Yams’ family. This had nothing to do with me, I appreciate it if everybody stopped involving me…I wasn’t in no fight.”

As the NYPD rushed to the incident,they found no evidence of fired gunshots. Noone was injured, shot, or in need of the nearest hospital. A big relief to all those at the scene. Though, nobody still has any idea who started what.

“Nothing BUT the up most RESPECT  for this man. This is not about me, it’s about YAMS. People will always mix my name up with something.” Wrote 6ix9ine after going live.”THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME THIS DAY IS FOR YAMS” He repeats “Nothing but love and condolences to ASAP.”

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