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Kodak Black arrested on Instagram Live

Florida rapper Kodak Black is in yet another predicament.

On Thursday, the Broward County sheriff’s office allegedly found nearly 95 grams of cannabis stashed away in his bedroom closet

Black was forced to hand over the combination to his safe. Inside officers allegedly discovered weapons, loaded ammunition and cash.

The 20-year-old  has a growing track record with the law,  Black has been involved in legal disputes since 2015 and trouble as a whole follows the rapper.

This past summer, Black walked away a free man after serving 97 days out of a 364-day sentence for a parole violation.

The rapper was monitored closely on  house arrest during his probation stemming from  robbery and false imprisonment charges.

The sheriff’s database shares Black’s history of reckless behavior. The felonies list grand theft of a firearm, possession of marijuana, child neglect, two counts of possession of a weapon/ammo by a felon and two counts of probation violation or a community control felony.

Thursday’s arrest was accidentally recorded by Black. Fans re-uploaded the video all across social media. After going on Instagram Live, the dispute can be heard with the police. Black’s voice can be heard mentioning how he can’t afford to lose his phone.

Shortly after, a man’s voice answered ‘your phone’s part of the search warrant, You’re not going to get your phone back.’

On Monday, the rapper was on the steady road. On Friday after releasing the music video for “Roll In Peace” featuring XXXTentacion, things are very ugly.

Creatively, Black is continuing to evolve creatively. His recent work features the work of a child becoming a man with a skill yet his lifestyle is dragging him backward.

There is always the possibility for redemption but it seems that when it comes to Kodak Black, a dark cloud is moving at a pace that he can’t escape from.


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