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Phil Anselmo talks Illegals album and Dimebag

Death Metal evolves

Phil Anselmo former lead singer of Pantera and The Illegals spoke with Jessi David of Metal Wani and dropped some serious info on his current projects.

In an audio interview released today, Phil Anselmo opened up to Jessi David about the newest ILLEGALS album Choosing Mental Illness As a Virtue which drops next week on January 26th. The veteran metal artist sounded very enthusiastic about his latest work and was very apprehensive when asked if his new work compared to that of the music he created with Pantera.

“To me, I wanted to make a record as relentless as Dark Angels, “Darkness Descends” the way it feels from front to back just superbly relentless.”

The record which was written between 2015-2016 was influenced by the Australian death metal scene and is highly anticipated by Illegals fans.

In reference to the sensitive subject of a Pantera reunion, the singer said “If it were something the fans wanted desperately, then sure I would do it for the fans. But right now, it’s way too tough to gauge.”

Anselmo also said that “he wouldn’t feel right” without deceased member Darrell “Dimebag” Abbot who was gunned down by a crazed fan in 2004.

Although there will always be fans who would want to see the remaining members on stage together again, there may be another side project from Anselmo coming out to keep appetite’s wet. The album for his other project En Minor When the Cold Truth has Worn it’s Miserable Welcome Out will be out in the next 4-6 months, but there is no concrete release date according to Anselmo.

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Watch: Phil Anselmo on THE ILLEGALS Album, Dimebag Darrell’s Hologram, & ‘Secret’ metal project via YouTube

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